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Marriage Debate

A big debate is looming in the Church Of England that could change key doctrines and beliefs held by the world wide church for 2000 years. Some are saying that depending on the outcome, the Church Of England could end up being divided and irreparably damaged in the UK. A team of people from both sides of the debate have produced a book entitled, “Living In Love And Faith” and the bishops are asking us to consider the issues as to whether make provision to allow gay people to be married in church.

I would urge you to get reading and studying! I have read a number of books presenting both sides of the debate, but have found the a series of videos from the Centre for Faith, Sexuality and Gender really helpful to get me started. They come from a traditional view of marriage, but are helpful in that many of the people taking part are from the LGBT+ community. I will be organising for us to view them soon. This will give us a good starting point.

Please also read my post on my own findings having read “Living In Love And Faith” right here: Click

Here’s the first intro video of the series: “Dear Church I’m Gay”

Also, see this Video from the Church of England Evangelical Council: