Holy Cross and St Mary

Music at Holy Cross and St Mary’s, Quainton

The music at Sunday morning services is generally informal, sometimes featuring the vicar on guitar and with simpler hymns more suited for a younger congregation. By contrast the music on Sunday evenings tends to be more traditional with well known hymns and there is Choral Evensong twice a month with sung psalms and canticles and often an anthem. Compared with many village churches we are lucky in that we have quite a good organ which was completely rebuilt about twelve years ago and an enthusiastic and a very competent choir which has steadily grown over the last few years.

The choir performs music from several centuries by a wide range of composers. Owing to a lack of men we are restricted to two or three part anthems but there are so many arrangements available for small choirs that this is not too much of a drawback. We rehearse at 6 p.m.in church before each evening service and we are always pleased to see prospective new members. Enthusiasm is the main qualification but any gentlemen would have to be able to read music and hold a part.

We also run a very successful concert series. There are normally three to four concerts every year and in the past we have had opera, jazz and chamber music played by London professionals as well as delightful evenings when we have welcomed music teachers and pupils from Stowe School and Waddesdon School. There is also a concert on New Year’s Day in the morning which has proved very popular.

For further information feel free to ring me on 07902 279637.

Geoffrey Heath, ARCO, DipABRSM

Getting Married in Quainton?

If you are considering getting married in Quainton Church please contact me at an early stage to discuss your choice of music. There is an increasing tendency these days to have recorded music for part or all of the service but in my view having music which is performed live on the spot just for you is infinitely better than a CD however good the performances on disc. I have over sixty years experience of playing the organ for weddings so am well placed to advise as to choice of music. You do not have to have the Wedding March or Pachelbel’s Canon – there are many other options available. Also please let us know in advance if you are planning to ask someone to sing or play during the service. If you want help finding a singer, trumpeter or any other instrumentalist I can probably assist. I would strongly advise having the church choir if they are available. Wedding congregations are often not familiar with hymns and having the choir to lead the singing will give a real lift to the service.

Geoffrey Heath

07902 279637