Holy Cross and St Mary

New Year Message

Dear friends,

As we enter a new year with new challenges, new opportunities and the usual ups and downs of life, I am reminded of a motivational speaker who once said:

“To laugh is to risk appearing a fool; to cry is to risk appearing emotional; to reach out is to risk involvement; to explore feelings is to risk being misunderstood; to lay your ideas and dreams before people is to risk rejection; to love is to risk not being loved in return; to hope is to risk despair; to try is to risk failure; but the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

I wholeheartedly agree! Life is an amazing adventure and we only get one shot at it. Life is not a rehearsal -this is it! You would expect me to say this, because I am a vicar, but it’s something I genuinely believe and live my life by: never be afraid to live outside of your comfort zone. That’s what faith is. It’s believing that there is something amazing beyond the horizon of our understanding. When you live with that kind of mindset, it’s amazing how the big questions of life don’t seem that big anymore.

So here are a few things to stretch your faith!

I know that I’m no “Gareth Malone” – but I have directed a few community choirs in my time. So here’s a new challenge for you! Our new Community Choir is starting on Friday January 13th in the Village Hall, Quainton at 10.00 to 11.30am. All welcome. Come and have some fun, even if you think you can’t sing – now’s the time to break out beyond the horizon! Anyway, singing is really good for you. We will rehearse for 12 weeks and then perform a concert for charity.

Here’s another thing. We are running a series of talks at Holy Cross and St Mary’s in the Spring entitled “Big Questions.” I am also hosting some events over tea and cakes at Oving Village Hall entitled, Exploring Christianity. Low key, no preaching, no singing(!), just an informal time of question and answer. Anyone from Quainton or Oving is welcome. First date, Sunday 15th January at 5.00pm.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you a happy and adventurous 2017 – be blessed, stay safe and don’t be afraid to explore beyond the horizon!

God bless

Revd Steve