Holy Cross and St Mary

The World Blessing 2022

The UK Blessing, a song put together by many churches across the UK at the beginning of the pandemic, has touched millions of lives around the world. So much so that over 150 countries now have their own version of this song based on the “Priestly Blessing” in the Book Numbers 6:22-27 in the Old Testament. Christians of all backgrounds and denominations come together in unity to sing this song of World Blessing. It’s 8 minutes long, but you won’t want to miss a second of it! (See the notes below the video)

Since the beginning of the pandemic we are inundated by news of conflict, polarization, hatred, blaming and divisions, giving the impression that darkness is prevailing everywhere. But many things that are happening are not in the news. God is using all this shaking to deeply touch millions of lives all around the world, attracting us closer to Him, choosing forgiveness in Him instead of hatred, blessing in Him instead of cursing, coming together through Him instead of growing ever more distant in bitterness.

The amazing global movement that spontaneously arose from “the Blessing” song provides us with a window into this miracle of real hope and love. Kari Jobe and her team received this song from the Lord on the day the first known death of COVID occurred in the United States.

No-one imagined what was ahead. She says in an interview a few months later that they had never dreamed that within weeks this song would be sung all over the locked-down world, in dozens of languages, then in hundreds… so many different nations, colors, cultures, styles, situations, but the same unmistakable joy in hope!

No organization or individual has been seen trying to orchestrate this movement. That makes it all the more encouraging and powerful. A very special word in this Blessing song is “Amen”.

There are so many “Amen’s” that in some countries it is known as “the Amen Song”!

The meaning of א-מ-ן A-M-E-N in Hebrew is: “solid”, “reliable”, “real”, “stable”, “unshakeable”; AMEN doesn’t disappoint and never lets down. It’s the exact contrary of fake. God’s news is Good News and Amen News! A real oasis of life in a desert of so much fake news and bad news. When everything is shaking, the good news is that there is something, someONE, who is forever stable and sure, His name is AMEN (see Revelation 3:14) and THE GOD OF HOPE (Rom 15:13).

We have a solid reason to rejoice even when things around are not joyful at all. Jesus took the curse on the cross so as to secure the blessing for all those who believe in Him. Another unique thing about AMEN is that it sounds almost the same in all languages. When we sing of God’s Blessing in our respective languages, we don’t understand one another, although we know in our hearts and see on one another’s faces that we are singing the same heavenly song. But wow, when we get to the Amen… the barriers of languages between us fall down completely. It’s a beautiful picture of how His love breaks down the walls between all of us, and we “meet” one another both in miraculous unity and beautiful diversity. And it shines all the more against the backdrop of all the “distancing”, literal and figurative, we are experiencing in this time of pandemic.

But although Amen is pronounced in very similar ways around the world, when written it comes in a fascinating array of shapes and forms.

Below is a list of the Amens in the order they appear at the end of the video, with the names of their respective languages.

A plus sign means that the spelling is used for other languages as well: Hebrew אָמֵן Greek Αμήν English + Amen Hindi आमीन Russian Аминь Simplified Chinese 阿们 Spanish Amén Japanese アーメン Arabic + آمين Swahili + Amina Korean 아멘 Portuguese Amém Malayalam ആമേൻ Macedonian Амин Armenian Ամեն Uyghur ئامىن Indonesian + Amin Mongolian ᠠᠮᠸᠨ Nuosu ꀊꂱ Sinhala ආමෙන් Kyrgyz Оомийин Hawaiian ʻĀmene Nepali + आमेन Fijian Emeni Kannada ಆಮೆನ್ Haitian Creole Amèn Georgian ამინ Ukrainian Амінь Amharic ኣሜን Kurdish Amîn Tibetan ཨ་མེན། Gujarathi આમીન Malagasy + Amena Cherokee ᎡᎺᏅ Hungarian Ámen Dhivehi އާމީން Coptic ⲁ̀ⲙⲏⲛ Tamil ஆமென் Turkmen Omyn Odia ଆମେନ୍ Kazakh Аумин Thai อาเมน Finnish + Aamen Lao ອາເມນ Kikuyu + Ameni Tradit. Chinese 阿們 Hmong Amees Neo-Aramaic ܐܵܡܹܝܢ Akha Aˬmiˬ Bengali আমেন Lahu Shi A meng Inuktitut ᐋᒦᓐ Khmer អាម៉ែន Chumburung Amɛye̱ Pashto امین Punjabi ਆਮੀਨ Ngiti Àmɨ̀nà