Holy Cross and St Mary

Vicar’s Message, July 2021

Dear friends,

We all like evidence, especially if the thing we are being asked to believe could affect the way we live our lives. Is it true? Is it reliable? Does it work?

A friend of mine wrote this recently and it made me think:

“Imagine two giant plots of land. Standing on the first is every follower of Jesus who has ever lived and died. Standing on the second is every follower of Jesus who is alive today. The second would be bigger, because it would be filled with nearly two and a half billion people. Is it possible that every single one of those people is living out a 2000 year old fairy story or is it possible that Jesus Christ, who lived that amazing life and then died on a Roman cross, is the same Jesus who rose from the dead as described in the Bible and witnessed by hundreds of people? Is it possible that this Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully man and right at this moment is sitting at the right hand of the Father of creation in heaven?”

My friend doesn’t mince his words! He is stating something that surely can’t be dismissed and I must confess that if I didn’t believe that all this is actually true, I would have as much integrity as a three wheeled trolley from Tescos! That’s why I’m passionate about my 10 minute sermons on a Sunday – they are all aimed at helping us find God’s plans and purposes for our lives which are easily missed.

In September we launch year one of our five year strategy. In the first year we will be focussing on “mobilisation,” re-engaging with people who may have an understanding or a yearning for something deeper in life – what I would call a “spiritual dimension”. People who understand, or at least hope, that there must be more to life than this. The pandemic has shown us once again how fragile life is and many want to know if this life is really all there is. At our Annual Meeting recently, I spoke about our church existing for three reasons:

1. To be a Sacred Space – a place where people can connect with that deeper spirituality in a variety of ways.

2. A Safe Space – where anyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age or social background will find an unconditional welcome.

3. A Social Space – where we can offer hospitality to all through social events, community support and coffee and walnut cake! Be part of it!

Next month – news about our Deliveroo Church!


Revd Steve